Upper Cape Cod



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Rainbow Reflections

Ball Jars

Water Under The Mill

Sagamore Sunset

Tidal Grasses

Tracks Along The Canal

Five Empty Moors

Canal Kelp

Orange Sky In Falmouth

Burgess Museum

Sandwich Beach

Candle House Collision

Absentee Fisherman

Admission By Donation

Behind The Briggs-McDermott House

Quiet Day In Wood's Hole

Day's End At Bourne's Pond

Reeds Of Shawme Lake

Solitude Defined

Aptucxet 1627

Blue Water All The Way

Bourne Bridge

Green And Yellow Past The Beach

Crest Of Surf Drive

Sparkling Reflections On Fresh Pond

Sandwich Boardwalk

Sailing In Falmouth

Crossing The Street In Falmouth

End Of Salt Marsh Road

First Floor Of The Briggs-McDermott House

Railroad Bridge

Inside The Jam Kitchen

Lake House Reflections

Sailing Into The Sun

Sharing With The Swans

Sandwich Glass Museum

Just Enough Boats

Iron Kettles

Grassy Banks

Perfect Light On The Heritage Plantation Trail

Straight On The Sagamore

Puddle In The Road

Falmouth Heights Beach

Exhibits And Library To The Right

Dexter's Grist Mill

Rainy Road

Peaceful Shawme


Morning Swim

Long Walk To The Sandwich Beach

Onset Beach

Sagamore Bridge

Tall Tree Treasure

Rocky Banks

Sols Pond

Radiator Reflections

Trees Above Grews Pond

One Boat Moored

Lilacs On Both Sides

Light Under The Cloud Cover

Afternoon Reading In Falmouth

Five Ladles

Branch Beads

Down The Canal

6.5 Tons Of Fragments

Dog Walking On The Sandbar

Lit Floor

Sagamore Steel

Purple Tree

View From The Hill In Falmouth

Woods Hole Bulletin Board

Some Sails Up


Railroad Ties

Open Door At The Burgess Museum

Door To The Trading Post

Fishing At South Cape Beach

Behind The Grist Mill

Ferry Sailing Across Nantucket Sound

Glass Furnace

Following The Canal

Mashpee Inlet

Sunny Sand In Falmouth

Stub Toe Road

Driving Through South Cape Beach State Park

Under The Bourne Bridge

Washburn Pond

Aptucxet Discoveries

All The Way Across Cape Cod Canal

Library At The Greenbriar Nature Center

Leading You Into The Woods

Letter From Thornton W. Burgess

Grooving Down Grove Street

Bird On The Fence

Bottom Of Grews Pond

Cranberry Bog

Under The Deck In Woods Hole

No Pahkin

Memorial Flags On The Green

Not A Ripple

Paperweights Of New England

Onset Island From The Dock

The Secret Lives Of Herbs

Information Board

Inside The Burgess Museum

Lined Up Like Toothpicks

Low Tide In Sandwich

Marshland In Sandwich

All Along The Watchtower

Bridge From Sandwich

Bourne Bridge Support

Falmouth Tidal Pond

Cranberry Harvesting

Onset Island

Aptucxet Museum

Water Under The Sandwich Boardwalk

Thermometer Museum

Flying Through The Cape Cod Children's Museum

WHOI Port Office

Take Time

Aptucxet Windmill

Green Water And A Pink Cloud

Walking Past Artie's Cafe

Leash Patrol

Circa 1830

Blading In Woods Hole

Falmouth Strolling

Sols Mirror

Up On Stilts

Tall Mast In Woods Hole

One Room In The Grass

Woods Hole Walk

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