Stone House Farm



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Sugar House Flowers

Field Fence

Flowers On The Wall

Fresh Cut Grounds

Behind The Carriage Barn

Wide Open Gate

Spring In The Step

Orange Evening

Tree Along The Fence

Ice House

Textured Latch

Daylily At The Window

End Of The Beam

Orange And Green

Yellow Sign

Light Under The Trees

Front Door Of The Stone House

Curvature In The Woods

Posing Under The Tree

Rusty Ring

Wide Open Spaces Behind The Stone House

Eight Doors

Brown Carpet

Cluster Of Three

Along The Way From The Tenant House

Brown Window

Beautifully Blotchy

Carriage House


Blue Eyes

Afternoon Delight

Back Of The Carriage House

Holding The Door Shut

Separated By 90 Degree

Convergence At The Top

Back Yard Serenity

Back Yard Of The Tenant House

Door To The Carriage House

Mid-Morning Snack

Green Ground Cover

Inside The Barn

Lit Up Front

Stone House Lily


Stone Wall At The Tenant House

Outside Edge Of The Pasture

Front Of The Stone House

Tree On The Right

Posted On The Tree

End To End



Slate Patterns

Red, White, Blue And Green

Meandering Through The Woods

Sunny Stall

New Growth

Tenant House

Tall Grasses In The Field

Sugar House

Tall Trees In The Front

Spring Begonias

Less Dense

One Screw Missing

Filtered Through The Trees


Green From Top To Bottom

No Loitering

Out Of The Woods

True Colors

Wild Daisies In The Field

Parent And Child

Sugar House Siblings

Tree Cover

Sun Blanket

Border Pines

Atop The Ice House

Before Sunup

Sloping Fence

Growth Cluster

Parked In The Pasture

Out House

Ferns In The Woods

Latch On The Carriage House

Bevy Of Branche

Build Me Up, Buttercups

Fallen Trees

Sunlit Woodshop

Maple Leafs

Road Into The Woods

Slate Roof

Sculpted Trees

Secured By A Twig

Softly Sloping

Stone House Steps

Pasture Border

Est. 1854

Red Evening

Chain Shadow

Golden Brown

Catching The Sun On The Wall Of The Out House

Bird Condos

Summer Rocker

Jagged Reflections

Window Lily

Parallel Lines

Door Latch

Coming For The Latest Gossip

Edge View


Small Door

One White Ankle

Stone House Back Door

Sun-Painted Cone

Sunset Graze

Yellow Base

Somewhat Shy


Standing At The Doorway

Up The Pine Tree

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