Spectacular Sandy Hook



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Sandy Hook Visitors Center

Along The Sandy Road

Autumn Afternoon At Sandy Hook Light

Majestic Sunset

Snowy Serenity

In His Element

Lit Rail Fence


Catching The Wind

Summer Paradise

Stones On The Sand


Heron In The Osprey's Nest

End Of The Day And Everyone Has Gone Home

First Light On The Life Saving Station


Sandy Hook Light At Sunset

Sitting On The Sandbar

Thirty Degree Angle

Sunning and Fishing From Plum Island

Sunset Through The Windows

Hanging Berries

Grains In All Sizes

Flowers In Front Of The Sand

Backed By The City

Pathway To The Bay

Sailing South

Sunday Morning Sunrise

Three-Quarter Round

Sandy Hook Cactus

Across The Dune

Painted In Color

Sunset Watcher

Tip Of The Hook

Lighting Up The Sea Gull's Nest

Shade On The Bicycle Path

Tidal Colors

New Jersey Moonrise

Dusk At Sandy Hook Light

Nor'Easter Fury

Queen Anne's Lace On The Hook

Perfectly Angled Sun

Perched On The Visitors Center

Osprey Landing

Sandy Hook Beach Concert

Staying Til The End

Hurricane Pre-Game Show

Luminescent Snow Fence

Nestled Next To The Lighthouse


Sunset Windsurfer

Fall Colors

Sunrise At The Sandy Hook Pavillion

Dinner Time

Gentle Waves At Sunset

Hook Holly

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Bend In The Road

Highlands - Keep Right


Sandy Hook Sunflower

Sunset Over The Highlands

Sandy Hook Dune Grasses

Open Marsh On Sandy Hook

Building In The Beach Grass

On The Lookout

Rooted Driftwood

Catching The Morning Sun

Seconds Before Sunset On Sandy Hook

Sunset From The Sea Gull's Nest

Done For The Day

This Way To Horseshoe Cove

Wandering Reflections


Winter At The Sandy Hook Lighthouse

City Behind The Beach

Streaming Down From The Heavens

Rounding The Curve

Hook and Highlands

Setting Sun On Sandy Hook

Unprotected Beach

Highlands From Plum Island

Lighthouse Colors

Summer Swimmers

Scoping Out A Snack

Riled Up

Late Season Sunset

Beaching On Two Sides

All In A Line

Berries On A Branch

Flowers, Rocks And Water

Almost Teal

Casting The Net

After-Beach Treats At The Sea Gull's Nest

Grass Cluster

Coating Of Ice

Winter Picnic


Yellow Flowers On The Sand

Sunrise Fisherman

Summer Fun On The End Of Horseshoe Cove

Three Shades Of Gold

Frozen All The Way

Sea Gull's Nest Sunset

Out At The Very End

Rolling Up

Packed To The Gills

Dotted In The Green

January Surfer

Sun-Reddened Water

Bayside Bliss

Reflections In The Wet Sand

Waves And Lines

September Splendor

Watching The Water In Winter

Sandy Hook Blueberries

Winter Grasses

Family Outcast

Flying South For The Winter

Carry In, Carry Out

Shadow Of The City

Winter Inlet

Winter Wave Watchers

Tall Treasure

Ocean Moonrise

All To Itself

Setting Over The Sand

Tree Sitters

Snowdrifts At The Beach

Winding Fence

Snow-Covered Bicycle Path

Back From Fishing

Wild Waves Of Ernesto

December Sunset On Sandy Hook

Tucked In Next To The Lighthouse

Sunset In The Dense Sky

Top Heavy

Sunny Day In December

Fishing In The Wild Surf

Back Tomorrow At 10 A.M.

Red Alert

Taller Than The Trees

Snow Fence Back And Forth


Not Yet Ripe

Storm's Brewing

Halfway To Hook's End

Honey, I'm Home

Red Trees And A Blue Sky

Sunrise Over The Hook

Winter Reading

Closing Out An October Day

Vertical Poles

Biker Gang

No Lifeguards On Duty

Osprey Nest On Spermaceti Cove

Rolling Wave At Sunrise

Water Safety Alert

Crisp Light At Parking Area D

Ships' Guide

Sandy Hook Snow Drifts

Sailing On Sandy Hook Bay

Into The Surf

Sandy Hook Sunset

Cold Water Ahead

Sitting Securely In The Ocean Breeze

Keeping An Eye On The Kids

Rays Of Light Over Gunnison Beach

Winter Surf

Th-th-that's All Folks

Falling Fence

Sun Lit Sign

Out Near The Tip

Heading In The Same Direction

Two Straight Up

Another Perfect Sunset From The Sea Gull's Nest

Frozen Stream

Stairs In Fort Hancock

Tangled In Yellow

Parallel Parking

Strolling Place

Trees On Spermaceti Cove

Looking Back From North Beach

Frozen Footbridge

Glorious Goldenrod

Filling Up Fast

Blue And Gold

Rolling Hills In A Range Of Colors

Bayberry Beauty

Sandy Hook Foot Bridge

Summer Pleasures

Beaching On The Point

New York Skyline From Gunnison Beach

Two And A Half Umbrellas

Zig Zag

Lighthouse On A Clear December Day

Coming Inland From Gunnison Beach

Ocean Lookout

Christmas Eve On Sandy Hook

Walkway Over The Marsh

Top O' The Grasses To You

Swimming In The Safe Spot

Pastel Sunrise

Cactus On Sandy Hook

Ocean Windsurfing

Hair Plugs

Swimming And Sunning On Sandy Hook

Looking Over Sandy Hook To Brooklyn And Manhattan

Savoring The Very Last Hours Of The Season


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