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Paul Scharff has been captivated by light and nature his entire life. Over the years, his friends and family have learned to simply politely listen and nod as he repeatedly asks them to notice how the light is hitting this dirt road, that building, those waves, this flower, or that sand dune.

In addition, Paul has always looked at the world in a very non-traditional way, noting and zeroing in on a particular nuance or individual component of a much broader setting, or discerning an overarching design or geometric shape to an otherwise ordinary scene.

As a result, Paul has developed an uncommon penchant for seeing things that others might miss, composing them in unusual ways, and then capturing those scenes as photographs.  Paul's unique talent is in identifying and capturing beauty and energy at the exact moment it is at its most powerful – before its elusive nature changes, which can happen in as short as a few seconds.  People have long stories about Paul's obsessive chase of perfect light or a special mood when he know it is just right or is moving towards that place.

Paul's work has appeared in several national, international and regional publications, and Paul has been the contracted photographer for a number of books in Twin Lights Publishers' Photographic Portrait series. Interestingly, Paul's background is not in photography, but in advertising, where he had 25 years of experience at a major New York City advertising agency.

Paul's uncommon talents with nature and landscape photography made him the perfect choice for two commercial endeavors. First, Paul's work is a natural for travel and tourism-based entities. Whether it's a broad geographic region, more localized metropolitan area, or even an entire Caribbean nation, Paul makes ordinary places look extraordinary, and extraordinary places look downright stunning – increasing travelers' interest in any destination Paul shoots.

Second, Paul's work provides perfect decor for corporate and institutional environments. With large-sized pieces ranging from 20x24 inches to 24x36 inches, Paul's photography on the walls of offices and institutions creates a more appealing environment for employees, visitors and clients. Hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the country have hung Paul's work as a tool to promote patient healing.

In addition to this, Paul also does product shots, corporate and residential interiors and exteriors, portraits of people ordinary and famous, and even a select number of weddings each year. And of course, his work is available for purchase by individual collectors. Photography presented on this site is just a sampling of Paul's work, and Paul has an extensive collection of stock photography available for your review if desired.

Paul lives in The Highlands in Monmouth County on the New Jersey shore, where he enjoys the breathtaking scenery, outstanding light and year-round summer spirit, all just 35 minutes by boat from New York City.

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