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Unpaved In Eastham

Translucent Blue At Nauset Beach

Cirrus Clouds On Cahoon Hollow Beach

Clear Evening On Duck Creek

Exploring Together

Uncle Tim's Bridge

First Light On Salt Pond

Scalloped Sunrise

One Red Boat

Sailing Past The Jonathan Young Mill

Top Of Nauset Light

Sunday Morning On Main Street

A Quick Stop On McKoy Road

Golden Glow On Town Cove

Black Top And A Red Roof

Pilgrim Lake

Reflections In The Pond

Looking North From Nauset Light Beach

Canoe At Pond's Edge

Sunrise At Cahoon Hollow

House On Uncle Seth's Pond

Cook's Cottages

Lobsterman On The Roof

Curved Fence At Herring Cove

Red Tops

Beach Access From Kendrick Avenue

Sandy Path At Race Point Beach

McMillan Pier

Dunes Across Pilgrim Lake


Looking South From Cahoon Hollow

Inside The Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail

Dunes Across The Lake

Perfect Palette At Jemima Pond


Peaceful Paradise

Longnook Luxury

Lighthouse Past The Marsh

Pond At The Audubon

Perfect Light Behind Commercial Street

Looking Up Pilgrim Monument

Ayers Pond Reflections

Bathers Below

Beauty Of The Provincelands

Cyan Cahoon

Orleans Inlet

Ninety Seconds Left To The Day

Sun-Lit Footpath

North From LeCount Hollow

Windmill Window

Behind The Breakwater

Jutting Out In The Beech Forest

Looking Into Salt Pond

Looking South From Coast Guard Beach

Scores Of Shoes

Corn Hill Cottages

Benched For The Season

Around The Bend In Orleans

All Set For The Day

All Things Bright In Provincetown

Salt Pond

Great Pond

Overlooking Paradise

Sliding Cliffs

Testing The Water

Wooden Cousins

High Tide In Wellfleet

Through The Gates To Heaven

Two Steps To Mayo Beach

Just Over The Hill

Color Confluence

Luscious Longnook

Awaiting The Vacationers

Across Duck Creek

Winding Wisteria

Long Pond

Truro Twins

Watercolor Reflections

Daunting Elegance

Morning Breaks In Wellfleet

Reflective Designs

Rarin' To Go

Dunes Lit In Morning

Sand Designs

Protecting The Path

Fourth Of July At Provincetown Harbor

Sunset At Cape Cod Light

Afternoon Stroll

Going To Longnook


Little Lane

Truro Tranquility

Perfectly Balanced

Lush Hills

End Of The Road

First Ones On The Beach

Dock Outreach

Edge Of The Dune

Road To Slough

Arching Around In Truro

Overlooking Higgins

Snow Pond

This Way Down

Winding Through The Back Roads

First Star Of 5763

Sunrise Over Pilgrim Lake

Winding Road

Provincetown Twilight

Walking Northward

Smooth As Glass

Sand Reflections

Soap and Shampoo Prohibited

Roses On The Fence

Sunset Over Provincetown

Cottage On The Bay

Lobster Pot

Great Pond From Cahoon Hollow Road

Surrounded Shed

As Far As The Eye Can See

Behind The Harbor

Ocean View Drive

Sunset Over Duck Harbor

Front Row, Balcony

Glow Of The Morning Sun

Mind Soother

Provincetown Hollandia

End Of The Misty Road

Another September Day Over

Wood End Lighthouse

Truro Pond Reflections

Hold Your Breath

Morning Brilliance

Almost Nine O'Clock

Rose Arbor

Shrub At The Top

The Top Of Its Game


Hidden Pond

Provincetown Cottage

Yellow, Gray, Green And Blue

Low Tide At Provincetown

Cottage In Orleans

Nature's Designs


On The Beach At Longnook

Footpath To The Ocean

Provincetown Christmas

View From Marconi

Perfect Produce At Hatch's

Corner Of Great Pond

Deep Pond Dock

Sun's Up In Wellfleet

Box Seats

Crystal Lake

Evening Hours At The Sandpiper Gallery

Old Harbour Lifesaving Station

Nauset Light Beach

Long Point Lighthouse

Low Tide At First Encounter Beach

Pleasant Bay Building

Purple Chairs At LeCount Hollow

Provincetown Dune Shack

Golden Start In Wellfleet

Herring Cove Sunset

McMillan Pier From Pilgrim Monument

Dangerous Cliffs In Truro

Dirt Road In Wellfleet

First Light At Jonathan Young Mill

Rolls Of Waves

Race Point Seedlings

Red Covers

Colorful Dunes On Coast Guard Beach

Provincetown Sunrise

All Wooden On Uncle Tim's Bridge

Beauty In The Swamp

Soft And Soothing

Dappled Light On The Asphalt

Sloping Dunes

Soft Colors On Skaket Beach

Spring At Cedar Pond

Lots O' Lilies

Sunset Colors At Herring Cove

The Other Provincetown Pier

Perfectly Balanced In Cedar Pond

Sand On The Provincelands

Small Bridge At Salt Pond Landing

Parked Planes At Provincetown Airport

Sitting And Shooting

Wellfleet Welcome

Growth Of Grass

Hatch's Batches

Holding The Sand

Wellfleet Lily Pads

Way Across Great Pond

Wellfleet From Pine Point Road

Salt Pond Serenity

Provincetown Town Hall

Seven Stakes

Merchants' Hall

Nauset Beach Grasses

Morning Light At Nauset Light

Lined Up In North Truro

Minnows In The Pond

House On The Hill

Pilgrim Monument Gargoyle

Ocean From The Top Of Longnook

Provincetown High School

Other Side Of Cape Cod Light

Organic Lemonade, 75 Cents

Penelope Jencks Sculpture In Front Of PAAM

On The Edge Of The Pond

Herring Cove Dunes

Fifteen Ripples

Clear And Green At Long Pond

Sunrise Over The Provincelands

Old Coast Guard Station

Deep Pond Reflections

Competing With The Cars

Wood End

Townsend Lobster Company

Spring Flowers On The Edge Of The Dune

Double Hinged

Town Cove Facing Hopkins Island

Two Red Roofs

Sunrise Before Six

Up On Fort Hill

Tow Plane Over Cahoon Hollow

Three Boats, Three Colors

Taking In The Expanse

Watching At The Audubon Sanctuary

Stony Dunes

Dune Vegetation At Cahoon Hollow

Straight On Uncle Tim's Bridge

Beech Forest Ground Cover

Golden Water At Herring Cove

Uncle Tim's Bridge From The Side

Sunbathing At The Lighthouse

Triangles And Rectangles

Translucent Treat

Long Walk Down The Stairs

Pre-Dawn At Collins Landing

Nauset Vegetation

Four Divided By Three

Sandpiper Gallery

LeCount Curl

Wood End Light From The Top Of The Monument

Carved Cliffs In Wellfleet

Windmill Training Wheel

Main Street Through The Trees

Awaiting Dawn At Salt Pond Landing

Each Blade Touched By The Sun

Boat On Skaket Beach


Welcome To Eastham

Souvenirs And Supplies In Every Color

Truro Vineyards

Nauset Estuary

Windmill Shadows

Suggestions Of Waves

Golden Gull

More Signs Than People

Just Past Smalls Court

Just A Small Curl

Roofer Required

Pilgrim Monument Ramps

Footprints In The Sand

Shop Therapy

Longnook Beach

Cozy Cottage

Snuggled In

Protecting The Way

Ocean Joy

Down The Beach

Provincetown Reflections

Softness Bathed In Sun

Split Rail Roses

Path To The Pond

Wellfleet Wave

View From The Top

Winter In Wellfleet

Just South Of Macmillan Pier

A Perfect Home

Restless Water

Always At Your Service

Winter At Lecounts Hollow

Two Houses On Salt Pond

Sunset Solitude

Wind Screen

Inside The Provincetown Theatre

Inside The Provincetown Museum

Inside The Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theatre

Magnificent Monument

Sunday Morning In Wellfleet

From Orange To Green

Parked In Provincetown

Sunrise Over The Dunes

Two Boats On Great Pond

Painterly Reflections

Lights On At Dusk

Cape Lilacs

Two Quarter Moons

Along The Swamp Trail

Perfectly Peaceful

Around The Corner On The Bike Trail

Green Bell On The Church Tower

Walking Along Duck Creek

Cape Patriots

Pilgrim Monument

Linda's Fence, Fourth Of July

Spiritus Pizza

Convergence In The Swamp

Up In The Lifeguard's Chair

Buildings On McMillan Pier

Road Across From Long Pond

East Side Of Commercial Street

Café Blasé

Provincetown Monument In December

End Of A Perfect Day

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