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Dawn Duo


Sunset On Cape Florida Lighthouse

All Peaceful At Pelican Bay Marina

Golden Grasses In The Everglades

Airborne In The Everglades

Just In Time For Dinner

Three In The Sun

Edge Of The Key

Hollywood Lake

Taking The Long Road

Behind Schnebly's

Dried Seaweed On The Beach

Approaching The Photographer With Resolve

Gear Shifter

Red Clouds In The Sunset

Red On The Underside

Stretching To The Left

Casting In North Bay Village

Easy In The Everglades

Doves With The Coconuts

Palm On The Sand

Golden Texture

Baby Gator

Chasing The Fish

Across The Lake

Palms Around The Curve

Everglades Palms

Green On Black

Palm Shadow

Three Boats

Tall And Lanky

Reading The Sunday Paper

Leaning Tree

North Bay Village Sunrise

Nine Boats, Eight Masts

Hanging Branch

Dotted Palms

Cape Florida Light

On The Beach Blanket

Pads Above The Water Line

Crandon Park Marina

Island Through The Branches

Palm Trees In Sunlight And Shadows

Lily Pad Lurker

Rocks On The Water

Set Up But Not There

Shuckers Dock

Tangled Roots

Swirling In The Sun

Sunset Wake

Come On Over To My Pad, Baby

Campus Of Barry University

Concrete Fence

Across The Lawn To The Palms

Translucent Rocks

People Powered

All Alone Out There

Up 90 Degrees

Two Palms On The Rickenbacker Causeway


Beach On Key Biscayne

Close To The Ground

Boardwalk Blading

Band Of Gold

Angled Sun At Matheson Hammock

Secure Boat

Putting It In Perspective

Soft Shore

Sunrise Over Distant Buildings

Venetian Pool Caves

Lots Of Little Ones

Squiggly Masts

Farmland Rows

Trees On The Tamarani Trail


Coral Gables City Hall

Everglades Inlet

Downtown Coral Gables

Shallow Waters

Parked On The Green

Mother's Day Barbeque

Palms On The Sand

Scalloped Shoreline

Sunrise In Blue And Gold

Stately Palms At The Biltmore Hotel

Tamarani Trees

Venetian Islands

Arms Up

Barista's On The Right

Venetian Pool

Liquid Gold

Several Small Trunks


Tree Farm Beyond

Jumping In

Zipping Through The Sunset

Textured Roots

Lily Pad Carpet


Boats In Biscayne Bay

Santa Cruz In Coral Gables

Two Boats, Two Modes

Clear To The Rocks

Crandon Palms

Elevated House

Flowers And Fountain

Gold And Golder

Covered In Coral Gables

DeSoto Fountain

Growing Out Of The Water

Inlet Beach

Diamond Of The Gold Coast

First Swim Of The Day

Florida Orchard

Fisher Island

Lily Pad Cluster

Gazing Out

Tree Trunks In Coral Gables

Tall Above The Flock

Island Paradise

Shimmering Sunrise

Palm Cluster

Protected Dunes

Not Yet Open

Trees In The Water

Hialeah Park

Red Light At The Drawbridge

Many Trunks

Secluded Cove

Alhambra Apex

Afternoon Plow

Downtown Hollywood

Normandy Island

Just An Accent

Ripply Branch

Feathered Palm

Grassy Lake Shore

Boat Rentals In Four Languages

Coastal Rocks

Looking Down At The Lighthouse

Parked At The Edge

Biltmore Fountain

Resting In North Bay Village

Beware Of Alligators

Sunset In Key Biscayne

Pining For The Sky

Trees In The Middle

Two Tall Ones

Venetian Pool Stairway


Woods In Oleta River State Park

Barnacle Mooring

Shore Leaves

Gold Water, Gold Air

Schnebly's Waterfall

Down And Up

Unguarded Caves

Red And Green On The Rocks

Alligator Bark

Adrian Hall

Edge Of The Lake

Brown Heron

Top Of Cape Florida Lighthouse

A Few Red Leaves

Carved Out Space

Oversized Keyhole

Palm Trees On Crandon Park Beach

Beach At The Marina


Perched Together

Through The Arch At Country Club Prado

One Palm Turning

Two Down

Upright Tree

Stacked Doors

Center Of Attention

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