Miami Beach



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Haulover Heaven

Colony Hotel

Dune Fence

Just Above Haulover

Two Adjacent

Peaceful Paddling

Pre-Dawn Purity

Delicate Light At North Shore Beach

Sagamore Hotel

Dusk From The Indian Creek Bridge

Sailing Solitude

Personal Parking

Out Before Six

Palm Against The Sky


The Shelborne

Down The Lonely Path

Engine Reflections

Colorful Entrance

Sun Streams Over Miami Beach

Beach Building

Sunset On Stillwater Park

Day's Over At Haulover

Johnny Rockets

Building In Every Color

Trees Across The Water

Curled Tail

End Of The Curvy Path

Colony Theatre

Miami Beach Marina

Mangos Mascot

Toys Of All Colors

Early Walk

Beach Cleanup

Holocaust Memorial

Impending Sunrise

Round Reflection

Middle Of Lincoln Road

Royal Palm

Celebrating The Sunrise

Jerry's Famous Deli

Spike In Mid Air

All Angles

Aqua End

Perfect Color

Awaiting The Day's Opening

Beach Tracks

Arthur Bridge

Indian Creek From Normandy Island

Yellow In The Green

Avalon Hotel

17th Street Beach Walk

Spreading Sun Rays

Fence Shadows

9th Street And Ocean Drive

Awaiting The Day's Service

All Backed In

Splashing Wave


Lifeguard Off Duty

Palm And Pink

Sand Prints

Red Reflections


South Beach

North End Of Ocean Drive

Pretty Straight

Versace Mansion

Smooth Sunrise

Jogging On The Beach

Welcome To Miami Beach

Pre-Dawn In Haulover Park

Palm At The Colony

Palm Trees On Lummus Beach

Sun's Up On Miami Beach

Looking South On Miami Beach

Lummus Beach Sunrise


Pier At Haulover Beach

North Shore Park

In The 50s


Arc Of Sky In The Holocaust Memorial

Barely A Splash

Haulover Pier

Light Orange

Fifteen Stories On Collins Avenue

Holding Up The Lifeguard Station

In The Garden Of Meditation

Dinner At The Oceanfront Hotel

Behind The Beach

Crying Child

Dawn On Lummus Beach

Domino Effect

Dramatic Entrance

Beating The Traffic

Franck Provost

In No Hurry

Every Shade Of Green

Boat Off The Water

Euclid Avenue

Dusk In Indian Creek

High Correlation

In The Heart Of The Palm

Horizontal Line-Up

Dock On Indian Creek

Inside The Jewish Museum

Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall

Glide By

Leaves In Many Colors

Lightening Skies

In Front And Behind

Famous Flags


Quiet At The Colony

Lummus Palms

Julia Tuttle Causeway

Multiple Pathways

House Across Indian Creek

Magic Magenta

Just Parked

Lummus Park Palms

Next To The Arthur Bridge

Not So Straight

Mirrored Dock

On The Way To Miami Beach

Royal Group

Southern Tip Of Miami Beach

Rolling Up On The Wet Sand

Parked On Indian Creek

No Farther South

Porch Of The Essex

Three Sections

Skylight In The Holocaust Memorial

Fence In The Grass

Preening For The Girls

Rope Reflection

North Shore Pathway

The Wolfsonian

Three And Two

Umbrella Peeking Through

Still I Rise

Stacked In The Sun

Sun On The Sidewalk

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

South Pointe

Rolling In

Tall In The Middle

The Berkeley Shore

The Carlyle

Nighttime At 61st Street

Sunday In The Shell

Over The Tatum Waterway

Three Stacks

South Of South Beach

Shore Park Hotel

Up On Collins

Trying To Comfort

Up And Over To The Ocean

The Chocolate Deal

Trees Clustered

Park Central Hotel

Yellow Reflections


Washing Up

Baltic Hotel

Three Clouds

Blue Building

Outside The Essex

Blading Down Ocean Drive

Bridge Lights

First Fisherman

Colored Water

Dusk At The Essex House

Leaning In

Locking The Supplies

Mostly Straight

Down At The End

Down The Stairs

Manatee Zone


Wind-Swept Palm

Paying The Parking

Just Off North Shore Beach Park

Hitching A Ride

National Hotel

Sagamore Sagamore

Sculpture Of Love And Anguish

Foamy Edge

Six Wheels

Inside The Wolfsonian

Palms On Ninth

Stardust Apartments

Strolling South

Rough Wood

Uncovered Roots

Walking Down Española Way

Terror And Compassion

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