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Administration In Purple And Green

Boating Around The Miami Skyline

Every One At Attention

Looking At Brickell Key

Children's Museum Angles

Resting Under A Tree

MacArthur Causeway

Dolphin Stadium

Great Blue Heron In The Woods

Dusk Approaching The Miami Skyline

Falling Water

Behind The Richmond Cottage

Miami City Ballet

Palms In Bayfront Park

Buildings On Biscayne Boulevard

Getting Up For The Seaquarium Crowd

In The Mood

Almost Twelve



Brickell Key

Biscayne Boulevard Skyline

Bayfront Park Rock Garden

Bayside Marketplace

Purple Dots

Cuban Coffee

Under The Trees At CocoWalk

End Of The Line

Nighttime Skyline

Holding On To The Rock

Dining At Dusk

Dripping Trunks

Doubletree And Marriott

Up Against The Water

Carefully Carved

Double Reflections

Colorful Coconut Grove


Decorative Bars

Crowded Boat

Downtown At The Bayfront

Lolita At The Seaquarium

Byron Carlyle Theatre

Lake At The Landfill

Morning Laps

Posing On The Rock

Long View Of The Miami Skyline

Nighttime On The MacArthur Causeway

Different Strokes

Flowering Tree On Steroids

Edge Of The City

Palm At The Ballet

Sunset Over Biscayne Bay

Down The Terra Cotta Stairway

Buildings Of Color

Long Lawn

Inside Bayside Marketplace

Houses And Boats

End Of The Day In Miami

Profile At Attention

Moving Fast


One Broadway

Underneath The MacArthur Causeway

Buildings On The Southern Skyline

Well Coiffed

Rickenbacker First

Fine Haitian Restaurant

Lake Up In The North

Lean Trees

Across Biscayne Bay

Around The Amphitheater

Airport Bound

Inside The Children's Museum

Arced Around To The Southeast

Inside The Cultural Center

50 Biscayne In The Middle

Seaquarium Show-Off

Kick Start

Approaching Dusk

Land Off Virginia Key

Colorful Buildings Over Colorful Water

Library Straight On

One Miami, Intercontinental, And Citi

No Window

On The Campus Of FIU

Parked At The Port

Boats In Front

Blue Band Under The Skyline

Rehearsing At The Miami City Ballet

Skyline Beyond The Beach

Vizcaya Symmetry

Walking On Water

Parked At Grove Key Marina

Port Boulevard In Blue

Out On The End

Skyline Sunset

Ripply Reflections

Boats In The Foreground

Off The MacArthur Causeway


Bayfront Buildings

Pier 5

Last Night In Miami

Everglades Egret

Palm Shadows On The Freedom Tower

Back To Back

Buildings Beyond The Park

Boats And Buildings

On The Beach At Virginia Key

Art District In Little Havana

Rockets Red Glare

Sunny Skyline

Egret In The Grass

Light In The Monastery

Port Of Miami At Night

Bongos Cuban Cafe

Full Skyline From Across Biscayne Bay

Bougainvillea In Three Colors


Moored At Dinner Key Marina

Miami Dade Public Library

Buildings Along The Southern Shore

Red Bridge

Boats In The Harbor At Dusk

Looking Back

Round The Bend In Coconut Grove

Soccer Scrimmage

Marina Blue In The Orange Sky

Private Dining At Grove Isle Hotel

Ship And The City

Standing Up And Reaching Out

Sunset Below The MacArthur Causeway

Pond In Bayfront Park

Room With A View

Orange And Yellow

View From The Back


Making The Cuban Coffee

Red Flowers On The Tree Tops

Skyline Behind

Close-Up Color

Top Of The Gesu

Skyline From The Causeway

Miami Children's Museum

Santa Maria On The Left

Tiled Plaza

Carnival Center

Free Admission, Free Parking

Green Over Asia

Clustered In The Night

Leaves Of Many Colors

Hiding Behind The V

NBC Curves

First Night In Miami

Purple Cascades

Rickenbacker Causeway

Reflecting Rocks

Julia's View

Nighttime At The Children's Museum

Green Water Under The Miami Skyline

Green Tint

Three And A Half

Yellow, Red, Green And Gray

Night View From The South


Cloud Over Miami

Three On The Balcony

Pink And Aqua

Seven Arcs Total

Second Building Unlit

Bank Of America Tower


Just One Light

Freedom Tower Straight Up

Just The Wachovia

Orange Flamingo

MetroZoo Waterfall

Down The Protected Hallway

Dade County Courthouse

Ave Maria

Wachovia On The Left

Cut, Make, Trim

Awaiting Seat At Bayfront Park

Building, Boats And Bridges

Morning Stretch

Aqua, Aqua, Yellow

One Alone

Perched At Jungle Island

Door At The End

One, Two, Three

Top Of The Wachovia Financial Center

Windowless Window

Outside The Science Museum

Growth Out Of The Trunk

Tower Of Freedom

Red Through The Arch


Coat Of Arms, Alfonso VII

Downtown Lunch Break

Open Arms

One Up, One Down

Santa Maria

Two Pillars

Two Of Three Filled

Freedom Tower

Room For Two

Peering Through

Shaded In The Arch

Straight Up At The Seaquarium

Through The Doors To The Water

Sticking Out

Reflecting Palms

Doorway Symmetry

Tower At Plymouth Congregational Church

Top Of The Freedom Tower

Reinforced Door

Skylift Balloon

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