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Casco Curve


Broad Cove

Maine Beach Roses

Gooseberry Island

Vinalhaven Inlet

Fence On West Grand

Fenced Pathway

Exploring The Nooks And Crannies

Portland Head Light

Sunset From Big Tiptoe

Maine Fishing Village

Buttermilk Inlet

Blue And Brown

Big Nubbin

Just Past Wire Island

Cobblestone Kites

Parked In The Summer Sun

Into The Woods

Inner Brother

Jutting Out

Hanging Lights

Town Landing

Beach Roses Next To The Fence

Looking Across Sandy Cove

Lovely Lily

Leaning Over The Water

White Wader

Along Harbor Grove

Across Sunset Lagoon To Osprey Point

Mail Call

Outer Brother


Exchange Street

Sunset Over Hermit Island

Across From The Yardarm

Coming Around The Corner

Carved Into The Land

Cundy Crevasses

Small Point Harbor

Boyd Building


Watson's General Store

Walk To The Waves

Up The Hill To Orrs Island

Breakwater Point

Crashing And Curling

Pier Pressure

Behind The House

Birch Basket

Along Long Cove

Holding The Leaves

My Three Sons

Retaining Wall

Heron In The Kelp

Field Of Dreams

Fisherman's Helper

Winter Shopping

Rocky Turbulence

Rocky Beauty

Atlantic Seal

Androscoggin Bridge

Along Old Orchard Beach

Mom's Swimming Place


Portland Headlight From Baxter Island

Goosefare Brook

Flower Box

Docked Dinghies

Maine Mist

Dusk At Shawnee Peak

Island Within Reach

Flower Flanked Inlet

Daylilies On Deck

Dock Access

Sand Dune Beach

Winter Morning

Brief Break

Roses Next To The Wire

Sunset Over Barters Creek

Rural Route

Seated Securely

Storewide Sale

Rolling Off The Rocks

Woods Behind The House

Wave Whittles

Wood Island

Streaming Reflections

Summer At Town Landing

Under The Pier

Curved Cove

Ben Island

Casco Bay Ferry

Behind The Clouds On Open Water

Across The Water

Brewer Marine

Buttermilk Cove



Church On Harbor Road

Great Island

Framed By The Branch

Harpswell Boats

Gurnet Trading Company


Just Dense Enough

Flowers, Rocks And Kelp

Island In Fore Street

Kelp Greeting

Grass On The Edge

Lanewood Cabin

House Across The Water

Hung On The Fence

Kittery Dock At Sunset

Old Orchard Beach Pier

Lily Pond

Lobster Landing

On A Carousel

Open Space



Maine Made

Maine Meandering

Rogue Island

On The Rocks

Parking Fence

Shaded On The Side

Pier Pilings

Pines At Attention


Portland Ferry Terminal

New Meadows River

Over On The Island

Low Tide In Kittery

Orange Afterglow

Saco Seat

Restricted Firearms

Pier From The North

Shed In The Field

Rock Art

Short Walk On A Long Pier

Staircase Symmetry

Purple Wildflowers

Rolled Rope

Smooth As Silk

Sitting On Quayhog Bay

The Eyes Have It

Three Buildings

Royal River

Three Clusters

Thomas Point Beach

Purple Sprinkles

The Lobster Claw

Top Tree

Silver And Blue Reflections

Wading On Ferry Beach

Water Beyond

Walking Through Bowdoin Pines

Water Access

Untouched Beauty

Wondrous Water Lily

Yard Of Wildflowers

Wide A Frame

Welcome Sign

Wild Daisies

Thin Blades

The Other Highlands

Wood Island Light

End Of Lanewood Road

Delicately Decorated

Clustered In The Corner

Tucked In The Woods

Yacht Club Collection

Yellow Wildflowers

Bowdoin Pines

Twin Island

Clapboard Companions

Camp Ellis Beach

Coming Down

Freeport Indian

Upper And Lower

Egg Cup

Kings Highway Milestone, 1761

Light Coming Through The Trees


ATM Inside

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